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Anton L, Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD / Installation Service
Jan 22

Neil and his team recently installed a 360 camera system to my brand new Motorhome. It was obvious from our initial meeting that Neil really knew his stuff and had a genuine passion for camera systems. He was able to demonstrate all the available options and took his time to explain in detail the pros and cons. He listened carefully to my requirements and proposed an appropriate system for me. What really impressed me was the lack of pressure, no hard sell and I truly felt that Neil had my best interests in mind. I went for a digital HD system with a DVR and it has exceeded my expectations. Neil suggested that I have a switch that allows me to run the system from the leisure battery so I can view the cameras without the ignition on which is a great idea ... even better he installed a connection to my Motorhome TV, so we can view all 4 cameras on the TV for security. Kes did a fantastic job with the installation, it is absolutely seamless, I cannot see any visible cabling, he is a magician! Neil and his team are the perfect blend of good-honest-people, high-tech and craftsmanship. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Adria Coral

Mike C, Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD / Customer Service
July 21

Great company went above and beyond can't recommend them enough amazing service and great guys.

Winnebago Rear 360

Peter A, Omni-Vue™ 360 Digital HD / Installation Service
Nov 21

To say I was delighted with the install that Kes carried out is an understatement.


The routing choices were spot on and his attention to detail with camera locations and dash modifications was excellent.


I’m really pleased that I made the choice to come to you, and located by the A1M made it easy (once I found it!).


The HD quality on the 7” monitor is great.


Sally N, Customer Service
June 21

Best customer service I've ever come across - 5 Stars.

Jill M, Customer Service
September 20

...thank you for your generous customer service in this regard.  

I remember when I bought my camera, having a lovely conversation with a lady at your company and feeling that customer care was very important to you.   I have recommended your company to many of my ‘horsey’ friends because of this.

Guy M, Omni-Vue™ 360° Digital HD
July 20

We are now 2 days into our trip to Croatia. Drove through the tunnel, stayed overnight outside Calais then ventured down to Metz. 
The system is fabulous. I bought it to help with my reversing thinking this was my primary requirement. To tell you how good it is, I rotated the van on the drive thru 720 deg on my own with the dangerous low surrounding walling etc. Plus, I’ve now used it to park whilst en route. But that belies the real power of the system!!!!
What is really impressive is how it simplifies the drive.
The monitor is in the line of sight so reduces the constant review of the 4 bus mirrors - much easier and more confidence
The ease of change of view allows me to check my position or check obstacles in flight
The auto change on indicator is extremely useful
The indicator change - I indicate anyway on lane change but it means I get a view of cars in the blind spot overtaking me
The positional sense when driving on B roads is hugely enhanced
The driving round towns or on unfamiliar roads is so easy
The turn check (because I can’t see the van pivoting at the back axle) with the birds eye is great.

Morelo Palace

Barry P, Omni-Vue™ 360° Digital HD
July 20

...We fitted the system with your calibration, I think it works better than the system they fit at the Dethleffs factory.

Omni-Vue Digital HD
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