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The CLOCS standard is the direct result of collaboration between the construction and fleet sectors to a address shared issues. 

It draws together evolving and applied best practice from a number of standard, policies and codes of practice to provide one industry standard that can be implemented by regulators, clients principal contractors and fleet operators.

Truck blind spot and CLOCS

CLOCS Standard Version 3

CLOCS mission and primary goals:

  • Ensuring the safest construction vehicle journeys

  • Zero collisions between construction vehicles and the community​

  • Improved air quality and reduced emissions

  • Fewer vehicle journeys

  • Reduced reputational risk


The CLOCS standard shall be applied to all construction projects/programmes.

The CLOCS standard is a national industry standard. It defines the primary requirements placed upon the key stakeholders associated with a construction project and places responsibilities and duties on the regulator, the client, the principal contractor controlling the construction site and the supply chain. This includes the operator of any road-going vehicles servicing that project. 

Vehicle camera systems for CLOCS compliancy

Why Cycle-Safe™


  • Combined camera and detector

  • Only detects moving objects/VRUs*

  • Ultra-wide angle (1.3MP) lens

  • No requirement for additional/multiple detectors

  • Can be integrated

  • 12V/24V


  • DVS** and FORS** compliant

  • Reduced driver workload (false alarms)

  • No blind spot

  • Quick, simple and neat installation

  • Utilise with other cameras, alarms and a DVR

  • Suitable for all applications

Download the latest CLOCS standard:

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