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UN GSR (2024)

We are currently working on 'AI' systems to meet GSR Regs that are set to be introduced in 2024, including MOIS (Moving Off Information System), BSIS (Blind Spot Information System) and REIS (Reversing Information System); we can provide specific solutions for OEMs/bodybuilders etc, please ‘Contact Us’ for further information and to discuss your particular requirements.

UN GSR Regs 2024

Why AI Detection?


  • Combined camera and detector

  • Only detects moving objects/VRUs*

  • Ultra-wide angle (1.3MP) lens

  • No requirement for additional/multiple detectors

  • Can be integrated

  • 12V/24V


  • UN GSR Compliant

  • Reduced driver workload (false alarms)

  • No blind spot

  • Quick, simple and neat installation

  • Utilise with other cameras, alarms and a DVR

  • Suitable for all applications

Example systems video (speeded up):

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