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Our MAN truck specific wired camera systems are designed to work with all versions of the built-in MMT. The standard reversing camera is OEM spec with a 1.3MP / WDR lens and IP69K stainless steel case. A DVR (HD) can also be added to the systems, to aid insurance claims and/or to meet compliancy requirements.

Why MAN Specific Systems?


  • Utilise the vehicles built-in MMT (all versions)

  • Choices of IP69K 1.3MP/WDR camera types

  • OEM specification

  • Eliminate blind spots


  • No need for an additional monitor

  • Suitable for all locations (alleviate blind spots)

  • Long service life and 3 year warranty

  • Achieve FORS etc compliance and improve road safety

Side Camera View

Rear Camera View

Vehicle camera system including reversing camera
Truck camera system including reversing camera

Wing Mirror View

How Our MAN Specific Camera Systems Work

Our MAN specific systems are wired camera systems, which are supplied with an Adapter to connect to the built-in MMT (all versions) and a cable (various lengths are available) connects it to the camera(s). Additional adapters are also available for multi-camera options with trigger connections for each CH (camera) so that each camera can be automatically displayed i.e. when reversing, or indicating.

Camos UK also offer a selection of 360˚ SV camera systems that can also be utilised with the built-in MAN MMT.

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