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Site-Safe™ utilises next generation optical technology combining detection and vision in a single 'smart camera'. 

The intelligent system provides operators with audible alerts and visual warnings, either via a monitor (plastic or metal/waterproof) &/or a separate LED/Buzzer. 


Audible warnings are always enabled and unlike ultrasonic sensors, Site-Safe™ differentiates between moving (VRU's) and static objects, reducing operator workload/false alarms. Site-Safe™ can also be integrated with other cameras (including additional 'smart cameras'), Sensors, Alarms and DVR's.


Site-Safe™ utilises optical detection technology, which significantly reduces false alarms compared to ultrasonic systems.

Shovel 3D Graphic

4 'Smart Cameras' would be required for 360˚ coverage

Why Site-Safe™


  • Combined camera and detector

  • Only detects moving objects/site workers etc

  • Ultra-wide angle (1.3MP) lens

  • No requirement for additional/multiple detectors

  • Can be integrated

  • 12V/24V


  • Quick, simple and neat installation

  • Reduced false alarms

  • No blind spot

  • Quick, simple and neat installation

  • Utilise with other cameras, alarms and a DVR

  • Suitable for all applications

See Site-Safe™ In Action

(Video to be replaced/updated - Cycle-Safe™ optical detection for trucks)

How Site-Safe™ Works

Site-Safe™ is a combined camera and detector, that connects to a 7 inch monitor with built-in speakers (plastic or metal/waterproof). An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is also available to enable the system to integrate with other cameras (including additional 'smart cameras', alarms and detection systems).

Software within the camera/sensor identifies moving targets and warns the operator, audibly and visually, if they are moving towards the machine via the monitor (separate Buzzer/LED also available).

Site-Safe Optical Detection System
Site Safe camera and sensor
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