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vehicle camera systems

Wired camera systems can be utilised for many applications where there is a blind-spot. Many different types of camera are available ensuring that whatever your application, or vehicle type, the most suitable system is available. Wired camera systems reduce driver workload and help to prevent incidents and accidents. 

Why Wired Camera Systems?


  • View a difficult to see area

  • Utilise for compliance

  • Utilise with a DVR for all around recording/evidence

  • Multiple cameras can be utilised with a monitor

  • Ultra-wide angle lens cameras can be utilised 

Which Products Do I Need?

  • Improve safety and reduce accidents 

  • Eliminate specific blind spots

  • Reduce insurance premiums/speed claims etc

  • Reduced driver workload

  • Improved vision compared to multiple mirrors that could be damaged or not adjusted for a specific driver

Choose Your Wired System

Standard (OEM Spec) System

vehicle camera system


  • 7 inch monitor with 'touch buttons'

  • Utilise with up to four 1.3MP/WDR IP69K stainless steel cameras

  • Suzy cable or auto-pairing DW modules for trailer camera use

  • 3 year warranty

Multi-Vue™ System

vehicle camera system, 1 camera, 2 views


  • Choice of 5 inch dash-mounted or 7 inch mirror-mounted monitor

  • One lens (1.3MP / WDR) with two views

  • 2 year warranty

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