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Cycle-Safe™ System
Cycle-Safe™ DVS Compliancy
Cycle-Safe Combined Camera and Sensor

Cycle-Safe™ utilises next generation optical technology combining detection and vision in a single 'smart camera'. 

The intelligent system provides drivers with audible alerts and visual warnings, via a monitor and a separate LED/Buzzer. Operators can choose whether the system is always on, or switched off above a certain speed (unless indicating left, as it's also very useful for 'Lane Change Assist / Blind Spot Warning').


Audible warnings are enabled only when turning (indicating). Unlike ultrasonic sensors, Cycle-Safe™ differentiates between moving (VRU's) and static objects, reducing driver workload/false alarms. Cycle-Safe™ can also be integrated with other cameras (including additional 'smart cameras'), Sensors, Alarms and DVR's.

Cycle-Safe™ utilises optical detection technology, which significantly reduces false alarms compared to ultrasonic systems; a recent, April 2019, 'Cyclist Detection System' test conducted in Germany (by ADAC) discovered that an ultrasonic/side-scan system, also supplied in the UK, had a false detection rate of 59% and could not be recommended (details here).

Cycle-Safe™ can be supplied as part of a DVS 'Safe System' that not only meets the basic requirements, but also the recommended DVS Safe System requirements. Additionally, it's not inconceivable that the Progressive Safe System review (2024) will call for the use of 'intelligent' side-detection systems like Cycle-Safe™, rather than allowing the use of 'dumb' ultrasonic 'side-scan'/side-detection systems, which are proven to have high false alarm rates (further information here). 

DAF XF HGV Safety Permit
Cycle-Safe™ Recorded
Volvo HGV Safety Permit

Cycle-Safe™ has recently (Nov20) undergone thorough testing, in Germany, by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt and achieved a 100% pass rate for cyclist detection (more details/testing criteria etc to follow).


Why Cycle-Safe™


  • Combined camera and detector

  • Only detects moving objects/VRUs*

  • Ultra-wide angle (1.3MP) lens

  • No requirement for additional/multiple detectors

  • Can be integrated with older systems, or additional cameras and DVR's

  • 12V/24V

* Vulnerable Road Users


  • DVS** and FORS** compliant

  • Reduced driver workload (false alarms)

  • No blind spot

  • Quick, simple and neat installation

  • Utilise with other cameras, or monitors (can be supplied without a monitor) and it can be recorded for evidence

  • Suitable for all applications

** With additional equipment

See Cycle-Safe™ In Action

How Cycle-Safe™ Works

Cycle-Safe™ is a combined camera and detector, that connects to an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to enable the system to integrate with other cameras (including additional 'smart cameras', alarms and detection systems).

Software within the camera/ECU identifies moving targets and warns the driver if they are moving towards the vehicle (always visually and audibly only when indicating). The system can be disabled above a certain speed, if preferred, unless indicating left.

Cycle-Safe combined camera and sensor for HGV Safety Permit
HGV Safety Permit

Please Contact Us for a Cycle-Safe™, or a DVS compliant system quote.

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