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Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS)

FORS compliancy requires more than vehicle safety equipment, please see the FORS website (V5 of the FORS Standard can also be downloaded here) for further information, however, for FORS Silver (S6) / Gold (G6) compliancy the following equipment is required: 


  • Rear Camera (elimination of rear blind-spot) and Monitor

  • Reversing Alarm

  • Side Detection System - Camera & Sensors

  • Turning Warning Alarm (left turn)


Additionally the following equipment is recommended:

  • Front Camera

  • Right (offside) Camera

  • DVR


Please contact us to discuss your requirements, for trade prices and/or to discuss your particular application; we always strive to surpass customer expectations and we can often tailor systems to meet your specific requirements. 

FORS Compliant Camera Systems HGV Safety Permit

Download the latest FORS Standard:

FORS Compliant Camera Systems HGV Safety Permit
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