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Omni-Vue™ 360°

Omni-Vue™ 360 is our most popular surround view (SV) camera system and is suitable for all types and sizes of vehicle.

Four 1.3MP / WDR cameras are utilised ensuring that drivers have a complete view around their vehicle (or trailer) and all blind spots are eliminated.


Utilise Omni-Vue™ 360 for FORS / CLOCS etc compliancy. 

Additionally, a 2CH or 4CH DVR can be added to the system for complete peace of mind (prevention of false claims etc). The 2CH DVR would record the front camera (like a 'dash cam') and the monitor view (all 4 cameras). A 4CH DVR would record all 4 cameras in full. DVRs can be added at any time.

Truck blindspot and surround view camera system

Why Omni-Vue™ 360°?


  • Surround View in a single image and automatically displayed single camera (i.e. left camera when indicating left)

  • Four 1.3MP / WDR cameras with ultra-wide angle lenses

  • Real-time 360º view

  • 12V/24V ECU / system

  • Calibration via email (or by our installers)

  • Configurable 'look-down' view

  • Configurable individual camera views

  • Bespoke vehicle Top View graphic


  • Reduced driver workload and improved safety

  • Eliminates all blind spots and superior resolution in all light conditions

  • Fast and smooth image display

  • No frozen images, only real-time views displayed on the monitor

  • No installation delays or requirements for a specialist workshop

  • The area displayed around the vehicle can be tailored to the operational environment 

  • Suitable for installation on any size/type of vehicle

  • Recognisable vehicle displayed on the monitor

See Omni-Vue™ 360° In Action

How Omni-Vue™ 360° Works

Omni-Vue™ 360º is an intelligent camera monitor system that utilises four ultra-wide angle cameras and an ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

The ECU seamlessly blends the four camera images together in order to present the driver with an easy to interpret view of the vehicle's surroundings, eliminating all blind spots. 

Camos UK offer a range of 360º surround view technologies, all of which are calibrated to the vehicle. This ensures that the driver has a seamless view around the vehicle  as well as a more detailed individual camera view, when turning and reversing. 

Omni-Vue™ 360 degree surround view camera system for all vehicles
Surround View Top Graphic

Installation and Calibration

Omni-Vue™ 360° can be installed on any type of vehicle or trailer. 

Once installed, systems are calibrated and a choice of default views are set, ensuring that the system can be configurable to meet the user's requirements. 

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