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The construction sector is hugely diverse with a host of challenges for operators, owners and drivers. Design of modern construction vehicles has led to significant performance improvements, but the nature and size mean that driver/operator visibility is usually impaired. 

Blind spots are a contributory factor in many incidents involving construction vehicles, especially when operating in busy cities and around VRU's with their shape, size and elevated driver positions all limiting the field of vision. 

Being able to prevent incidents on sites and on public roads is paramount, with the added benefit of making the driving/operating experience easier and more relaxed. 

Additionally, systems are designed to meet or surpass site access compliancy (i.e. DVS/FORS/CLOCS/SKANSKA/CrossRail).


Which Products Are Right For Me?

Trailer Vision offer a range of safety solutions that are suitable for all agricultural vehicles and machinery, whether self-propelled or towed.

When choosing a system, it is important to look at how each can benefit you. To help, we have put together a series of visual guides featuring the products we recommend for the most common applications.


Problems With Construction Machinery

Incidents and accidents on construction sites can include:

Why Choose Trailer Vision to Help?

Trailer Vision can help improve not just your vehicle's safety, but the safety of others around you. Benefits include:

Collisions with workers due to blind spots / workers wearing ear defenders

Damage to machines when manoeuvring due to blind spots

Collisions with other machines while operating due to limited visibility

Compliance (meet or surpass industry standards)

OEM specifications (high quality/low failure rate/long service life)

Exceptional customer service

Manoeuvring through enclosed sites/areas can be difficult and dangerous

National installation service

Safety Solutions for Construction Machines

Camera Monitor Systems can be utilised with up to 4 cameras and can be vital for driving safely.

Reversing and Warning Alarms alert passers by of driver's intentions, allowing adequate time for them to respond.

Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection Systems inform drivers of the distance between their vehicle and any obstacles, whether they are moving or stationary.

Optical Smart Detection works by utilising a smart camera to detect moving hazards around vehicles, greatly reducing the chances of a fatal collision.

Product Spotlight


Omni-Plant™ 360º Digital HD

The UK's first 360º surround view Digital HD system, providing the following benefits:

Superior resolution compared to non-digital HD systems

Meet H&S requirements

A 7" Digital HD Monitor as standard

No blind spots thanks to a 360º look-down view (full screen or split screen)

Case Study







Limited views

Operating around workers on a small building site


Elimination of blind spot

Detection of workers

Operator warned of workers

Relaxed driving experience

Improved situational awareness

Customer Quote

"An easy and intuitive system to use combining detection with vision..."

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