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DVS Update...

TfL are currently in the process of reviewing the Direct Vision Standard (HGV Safety Certificate) and the introduction of a new PSS (Progressive Safe System). The consultation period will give operators and stake holders an opportunity to provide input etc. At first look it does seem like it's the 'end' for old technology, including ultrasonic/side-scan sensors that are prone to false alarms (or even being ignored). It's too soon to be sure, but it seems like smart/optical systems like Cycle-Safe™ will be PSS compliant and we are also in the process of developing combined Radar/Optical systems for UN GSR (BSIS etc) regulations. Cycle-Safe™ is also available as a front VRU detection system (MOIS).

Further information re the DVS update here:

Download the Proposals here:

HGV Safety Scheme Proposals
Download PDF • 870KB

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