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Delighted! - Customer Feedback (3D HD)

We are always pleased to receive customer feedback and we thought that this review should be highlighted here as well as on our 'Testimonials' page:

DELIGHTED... 360 HD 3D camera system.

The system is so smart, full of great features and delivers a truly game-changing view of your vehicle from a wide selections of angles. The most impressive is the drone like 3D view from above and in fact most other angles you can imagine. Intelligent features based upon gear and indicator selections all add to safe and more confident driving of my 8 meter motor home, enriched by silky smooth rendering of 360 degree video images with added piece of mind of continuous on-board recording.

Boy is this so easy to use, when you first see it you are overwhelmed by possibilities ...with 10 minutes of driving and letting the system do the work the automated views and intuitive user options just feel second nature.

Finally.... but importantly... the people at Trailer Vision / Camos UK are really impressive, they offer a high end customer experience, super carful and considerate when fitting and clearly know their technical stuff with an uncanny ability to make things really easy to understand

Can't recommend highly enough!

(The review and photo's can be found on our Google page/entry).

Thanks to Rich for taking the time to write such a detailed and positive review.

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