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Cycle-Safe™ HGV Safety Permit

Mark Foster Haulage based in Suffolk recently choose Cycle-Safe™ to meet DVS compliancy, for the latest addition to their fleet, a DAF XF in stunning Winter White:

TFL has confirmed that the DVS deadline will not be extended but...

With Brexit concerns and COVID lockdown, TfL have recently (Jan 21) announced that whilst the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) deadline will not be extended, some leniency will be applied. However, operators who fall short of the star rating requirement must make their applications before the 1 Mar 21 deadline even if they have not yet fitted equipment to vehicles. This will add them to an “allow list” to prevent them from receiving fines.

Operators must apply for HGV Safety Permits before 1 Mar 21 and prove that they have purchased systems and have installation scheduled. Operators will then have up to 90 extra days to complete fitment. Additionally TfL will now aim to process multi-applications within 10 days (previously 28) and single-vehicle applications will be processed within one working day of receipt. Manufacturers will also issue star rating certificates for new vehicles that will further speed up the application process.

What Should Operators Do to Join the 'Allow List'?

Owners of zero-star-rated vehicles are required to fit 'safe systems' and then apply for a safety permit with photographic evidence of installation. The process for being considered for the TfL 'allow list' is as follows:

- Operators must submit evidence from the supplier/fitter/garage concerned on branded documentation with details of their 'safe system' installation and Vehicle Registration Number(s), before 1st March, emailing with attachments to

- TfL will review the request and send written confirmation of the outcome: if the request is accepted, the vehicle will be added to the “allow list” and avoid Penalty Charge Notices for infractions of the DVS Safety Permit requirements for up to 90 days after 1st March. Operators requiring 'safe systems' must take action before 1 Mar 21 to get the work scheduled. Those informing TfL of a delay after this date will not be eligible for the grace period

- As soon as 'safe system' equipment has been fitted, the DVS Permit Application process must be followed as set out at here, applying with the required photographic evidence

Further information Here.

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