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DVS Progressive Safe System

TfL have recently announced the criteria (if not detailed specification) for the upcoming (Oct 24) changes / 'Progressive Safe System':

Summary of Progressive Safe System

Improving indirect vision

Camera Monitoring Systems (CMS) guidance will be updated to allow use of both systems. This will give the driver a wider field of vision and reduce the cognitive workload.

CMS fitted on vehicles must eliminate any remaining blind spots. This provides a visual alert of an approaching vulnerable road user and prevents collisions in the blind spot area.

Sensors must ensure full coverage down the nearside of rigid vehicles to detect vulnerable road users. They must not activate in relation to roadside furniture or stationary vehicles. This aims to prevent left turn collisions. For articulated trailers, sensors must be fitted to the front tractor unit but are recommended for the trailer where possible.

Moving Off Information Systems (MOIS) sensors must be fitted to the front of a vehicle to prevent collisions at the frontal blind spot zone when a vehicle moves off from rest.

Warning vulnerable road users of intended manoeuvres

Audio warnings must be fitted to all vehicles, including those with left-hand drive to ensure all vehicles have the ability to warn of an intended manoeuvre.

Warning signage requirements remain unchanged.

Minimising physical impact of a hazard

Sideguard requirements remain unchanged.

Camos-UK can supply a camera/sensor to meet MOIS and are currently investigating whether Cycle-Safe™ (tractor mounted) can also meet the Recommended Progressive Safe System criteria for trailers (or whether an additional camera/sensor will be required).

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